Complete Remodelling, Warsash

The customers were buying a bungalow that had been much loved but was in need of modernisation and improvement. The second and third bedrooms at the front were attic rooms with very minimal headroom and a hip-to-gable conversion was considered the best option to increase space and add value. The exterior of the house needed a facelift and a fresh approach, as did the interior. Hampshire Architect suggested a crisp modern look, softened with factory-painted concrete weather-boarding for the exterior. Internally, there were opportunities to open up and link spaces to give a lighter airier feel to the house, complemented with glass balustrading for the stairs and landing. Fortunately, the customers were able to delay moving into the house until after the work was complete, which makes for a quicker more cost-effective build. Sensibly, they rented nearby and were able to have an input on a daily basis and with a little help from Hampshire Architect and local builders Parker and Smith, their clever vision and flair for design has dramatically transformed the house.